Money Landering Regulations - What should you be checking?

Do you have the full picture or a false sense of security?

Check your client and tenant due diligence.

CVAs and retail instability has been going on for some time. Even before the coronavirus pandemic. But now times are going to get tougher yet for the commercial property sector, as companies downsize/move to hybrid, because people are working more from home.

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On top of this, UK anti-money laundering regulations require you and any organisation in the sector working with transactions of larger than £8,500 to perform customer due diligence checks and verify the following information:

  • The purpose/nature of the relationship
  • Details of the business and its activities
  • Source, origin and purpose of funds
  • Recent and current financial statements
  • Details of the relationships between signatories and any underlying beneficial owners

Download the Compliance Matrix infographic and check immediately if your current supplier is giving you the full picture or a false sense of security.

What you learn from this infographic:

  • The ten key pieces of data/information you MUST be checking
  • Whether your existing supplier is sufficient
  • How Graydon can help
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