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The essential checklist for KYC

Quality data has never been more important

If you don’t know how your network is doing, you can get pulled into a downwards spiral. This happens when an organisation turns out to be unhealthy, and you were completely blindsided by this. For example, partnerships that end suddenly, or products that you deliver, but for which payments are not made. Or what about when one of your customers is engaged in unethical practices? Then you also risk facing a hefty fine because you are not compliant with the laws and regulations. Therefore, it’s important that you really know your customer and you need high quality data to be able to do so.

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What kind of questions are on the KYC checklist?

  • Do you know if your customers'/suppliers’ directorship details are up to date?
  • Do you know who the ultimate owner/beneficiary of your customers and suppliers is?
  • Do you know if the directors/founders which whom you work have been screened for any fraudulent behaviour?

If you can’t tick all the boxes it’s time for us to talk about how our next generation intelligence can help your organisation.

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