Webinar - The importance of data-driven credit management

The importance of data-driven credit management

Understanding the correct and relevant business information is more important than ever

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the importance of (data-driven) credit management has increased even more. It protects your company against payment default, bankruptcies, and fraud. However, 25% of credit management professionals indicate that they have insufficient data to implement a balanced credit management policy.

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What can data-driven credit management mean for your company? When choosing a strategy, you should focus on the quality of your figures and form a solid team with the right business partner. A party that provides you with in-depth and reliable information from all angles. By using data-driven insights the right way, your company is ready for the future.

Watch the webinar and learn more about:

  • An adequate credit management strategy
  • A modern credit policy
  • Graydon as your technological partner
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