FAQ Enhanced Augur Score

FAQ Enhanced Augur Score

What is the Augur Score?

The Augur Score is designed for any type of business and is an empirically derived commercial credit score with a ranging from 0 – 600. It predicts the likelihood of business failure in the next 12 months.

The scoring model pulls together a range of key information and presents an assessment of credit risk in a single, easy-to-use format.

Why do we upgrade to the enhanced Augur Score?

At Graydon, we are committed to creating and maintaining the highest quality scores and supporting you in making the right business decision. Thanks to more data, new scores and technological advancements, we were able to enhance our Augur Score.

Does this upgrade affect my monitoring profile?

The enhanced Augur Score will be calculated for every company in the UK. Your monitoring portfolio will also be updated with the enhanced Augur Score. This means that you may experience an increased volume of monitoring messages on or around the 28th of June.

How does the enhanced Augur Score compare to Augur 2.0?

With the Augur Score 3.0, we predict business failure more accurately. This means you will be able to accept more low-risk companies, and reject more high-risk companies.

The dotted line in the graph shows the percentage of non-failing companies that would be accepted using the cut-off, while the continuous line shows the percentage of failing companies that would correctly be rejected. Here you see that if you would use a value of 400 in the Augur 2.0 score you would accept 47% of the companies that will not fail, while you reject 68% of the companies that do fail. In comparison, the same cut-off point for the Augur 3.0 would result in accepting 59% of the companies that will not fail, while correctly rejecting 92% of the companies that will fail.

Enhanced Augur Score Cut off points

So the graph tells you, you will retain a higher percentage of companies that will not fail, while still more or less rejecting the same proportion of companies that will fail. The cut-off should be set according to the loss- gain balance you think fits your company profile.

When will the enhanced Augur Score be live?

The enhanced Augur Score will be available from the 28th of June 2021.

If you have monitoring on your portfolio it might be that you receive an increased volume of monitoring notifications on or around the 28th of June.

Is this upgrade only for companies in the UK?

Yes. The Augur Score is only available for companies that are located in the United Kingdom.

On which parameters and data elements is the augur score based?

The Augur Score is based on a wide range of data e.g. annual accounts, County Court Judgements, firmographic data, payment experiences, elevated risk indicators and much more. In developing our enhancement of the Augur Score, Graydon has used new variables and, even more important, applied the latest scoring techniques e.g. Artificial Intelligence to improve the performance of the score.  The data elements and the formula used to come to this enhanced Augur Score we consider as our secret recipe.

Will this upgrade also affect other Graydon Scores?

Yes. As the Augur Score is our base score in our models, other scores e.g. the Graydon Score and the Credit Limit may also be affected.

Can there be a discrepancy between the Credit Score and the Graydon Score?

Yes. The Credit Score will be discontinued at the end of September 2021 and will no longer be supported. To benefit from the latest risk model, we advise to use the Graydon Score or Augur Score. 

What do I do when I still have questions?

When you still have any question about the Augur Score, or when you want to know more about how this score can help your business? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via or +44 (0)20 8515 1400.


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