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I have been invoiced for a report I have not yet received.

  • This should only apply to Graydon's Fresh Investigation Level 4 reports or International Investigation reports as all of our other credit reports are delivered to you instantaneously.
  • Graydon invoices on the date a report order is made - not the date a report is delivered. If, for example, you have ordered a report that requires an investigation then you may not receive the report for a few days, but the invoice date will be the date you placed the order.
  • Typically this can happen at month's end. We have different investigation turnaround speeds which vary from country to country. We recommend you order a Superflash Investigation report to ensure the fastest delivery of your credit report.
  • Contact Customer Services on 020 8515 1420 or at if you have any queries about our invoicing.

The name on the report does not match the name of my enquiry.

  • When searching for a company using the company name you must ensure that you use the proper legal title. Examples would include: British Airways PLC, Graydon UK Limited.
  • Creditline allows you to search for a company using the registration number - using a registration number will ensure a unique match for the company you are searching for.
  • You can also use the combined search method - this allows you to enter multiple search terms, for instance the name and post code, or even a company's VAT number.
  • You may have been given a name which is a trading style or division which may relate to another company. The use of the name you have been provided should be detailed within our credit report.
  • Perhaps a company has changed its name and you have used the previous name.
  • Our Customer Services are always happy to help you find the company you are looking for, so if you are not sure please call us on 020 8515 1420 or email us at

How do I view the companies I have on my creditwatch list?

Firstly choose CreditWatch Search from the Customer Service >> CreditWatch menu:


Then click Search - if you wish to see all your watched companies then make sure the search field is left blank:


You can download the list of your watched companies to view within Excel:



How do I obtain an archived copy of a report I have previously purchased?

Firstly click Order History via the Customer Service menu:


Then use the search toolbar to either search for the subject company by name, the reference number you used when you ordered the report, or the date you placed the order:


Then click the Archive button to view your archived report.

The address I am looking for does not appear in my report.

If the address does not appear in our report then we advise that you order a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline to find out how the address you have relates to the company.

I know the company is trading but my report states that it is dormant.

  • Companies list their trading position in their filed accounts and the position is reflected within our reports. Sometimes companies will resume business with their annual accounts still stating they are dormant - the official trading position listed within the annual accounts may not be updated until their next filing.
  • If you believe that a company has started trading again and we have indicated it is dormant, then we advise that you order a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline.
  • Alternatively contact Customer Services on 020 8515 1420 or at

My report states that the subject is winding up- but this is not the case.

  • Companies are duty-bound to advertise winding up petitions to the Gazette - Graydon receives this information and updates credit reports accordingly.
  • However, companies are not duty-bound to advertise that a winding up order has been dismissed or suspended - so Graydon may not be alerted immediately.
  • Ordering a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline will uncover the correct status of the company in question.

The latest accounts are at companies house but do not appear in my report.

  • When Companies House first receives a new set of annual accounts, they embargo them for five days - this means that they are not made publicly-available and therefore no-one is able to view the accounts.
  • When the embargo is lifted they will forward the accounts to credit reference agencies to check the accounts and manually key in the accounts data into their systems. This typically can take a further 2-3 days due to the volumes of accounts filed and can vary due to popular peak filing times.
  • After these time periods the new set of accounts will be made available within credit reference agencies' systems and their credit reports.
  • Graydon continually monitors the currency of accounts availability to ensure its data base is as up-to-date as possible.

Why does a company get a special score?

  • We will assign a special score to a company when an aspect of their accounts does not fall within standard categories.
  • We are then unable to assign a score using our scoring matrix, and so have to assign a special score.

My report on a northern irish company does not include the latest accounts.

  • It may be that Graydon has not received the latest set of accounts from the Northern Irish Registry.
  • In this situation we recommend you order a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline.
  • Alternatively contact Customer Services on 020 8515 1420 or at

Please explain your score

  • Our score is an alphanumeric symbol with a monthly credit guide figure, based on all the information on our database, and it summarises our overall opinion on your subject of enquiry.
  • You will find the score plus a monthly credit guide figure at the beginning of our reports, along with a risk category ranging between low and high.

What does 'odds of financial stress' mean

  • Our default definition of financial stress is a company suffering either "Dissolution, Liquidation, Receivership, Petition for Winding-up, Resolution for Winding-up, Winding-up Order, Creditors Meeting or Administration".
  • If you have any questions related to our financial stress credit report category, then contact Customer Services on 020 8515 1420 or

Why is a CCJ still registered against my company when it has been paid?

  • Graydon is entrusted with Registry Trust CCJ information and as such updates CCJ details including cancellations when they are received from the Trust.
  • If you believe that a CCJ has been cancelled and should be removed then we ask you to send us the original court document with a covering letter. You must send us the original document, not a photocopy.

The original document and covering letter should be addressed to:

The Database Manager,
Graydon UK Limited,
Hygeia Building,
66 College Road,
HA1 1BE.

  • We recommend you use special delivery with a cheque payable to Graydon UK Limited to the value of £3.50 to cover return postage (any documents received without a cheque for £3.50, will be sent back by standard postal delivery). Graydon will take no responsibility for any lost documents sent by standard post.
  • We will then contact the Registry Trust in order for them to confirm that the CCJ is cancelled. Once confirmation is received we will remove the CCJ and return the documents.
  • The Registry Trust will also remove the CCJ from the register and inform all the other credit reference agencies to remove any occurrence from their databases.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is based upon all of the data taken into consideration by a credit reference agency on a particular trading entity. It is then used to assess the likelihood that credit will be repaid punctually.

What do credit reference agencies do?

Credit reference agencies provide a service that includes an opinion or a recommendation. This opinion is based upon detail that the agency has collated on your company, through public information and their own investigations, such as historical trend analysis, appreciation of the prevalent economic environment and, in some cases, direct contact by telephone.

Where do the credit reference agencies start?

  • The most likely starting point of the opinion is the documents filed at Companies House, especially when trading accounts are filed. For a limited company, there are also rules about filing documentation at Companies House. In the first instance, what message do you think your creditor will get, if your company can't follow the normal filing rules? Are you projecting the image of an orderly and efficient establishment?
  • When accounts are filed at Companies House, more information can be used to make a credit opinion. For limited companies, this is very often the basis upon which a credit score is derived. All credit agencies have the equivalent of a 'Coca Cola formula' for scoring companies, each having slightly different ingredients, which make up their own credit scores, but, there are certain fundamental principles that are really common sense.

Are you a new business?

It is generally accepted that newly established businesses are unlikely to fail in the very short term, usually because they have been started with shareholders capital or finance from a bank. Banks will take security over some or all of the company's assets to cover their exposure for the period of the finance. For unsecured creditors, modest amounts of credit can be offered until such time as a satisfactory trading history has been established or the first years trading accounts are filed.

How do agencies rate unincorporated businesses/firms and partnerships?

Firms and partnerships are judged on different criteria from a private limited company, because the principal(s) are personally liable. So, in most cases, a successful trading track record and good supplier relationships will yield the credit required. Certainly for unincorporated businesses, the more information that credit agencies have, the more comprehensive the credit score will be. They can only derive a meaningful credit score on information received and validated by their databases.

How do agencies rate limited companies?

For companies with limited liability, another set of guidelines apply. Here, the creditor is making a judgement on the viability of a separate legal entity. Usually, they use as much information as is publicly available and, most of the time, they get this information from a recognised credit reference agency.


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