Graydon Insights Frequently Asked Questions

In these FAQs, we will review the most frequently asked questions about Graydon Insights.

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Graydon Insights Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build this platform?

Graydon Insights was built using the latest technology for a modern look and new functionalities. And you can now get your trusted Graydon solutions from a single user-friendly platform that  offers: 

  • Extensive search functionality
  • Predictive scores such as  Expected Growth
  • Responsive platform that makes it easy to use on mobile and tablet
  • A modern look and feel
  • User-friendly interface

How can I access Graydon Insights?

You can log in via the url: Tip: bookmark the URL so that you can always easily access the platform. 
We will send you your login details so you can use your Graydon solutions.

For the most optimal experience, we recommend you use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Which products are available on Graydon Insights?

  • Graydon Credit Reports

You can look for a company easily and quickly in the search bar. You can also enter various search terms in the search bar to make it easier to find a company. With  Graydon Credit Reports, you can look beyond a simple "yes" or "no" answer to make a decision. 
To dig even deeper into the information available about a company, you can select an appropriate tab for information. Get more information about:

  • The company’s profile
  • Different ratings
  • Financial information
  • Payment behaviour
  • Company structure


  • Graydon Monitoring Tool

The Graydon Monitoring Tool helps you to keep abreast of the changes affecting your business relations or suppliers. You receive a notification when a change occurs based the criteria you have set (e.g. changes in the payment score or credit limit).
Monitoring helps you seize opportunities and maintain proactive relationships with your customers and/or suppliers.

  • Graydon Ledger Management

Graydon Ledger Management is an online B2B specific service that combines customer data with the Graydon database. It provides insights into your accounts receivable and is designed to improve cash flow and help you reduce arrears. This way you can see which amount of your portfolio is within or outside the payment terms and in which risk category the associated relations sit.

  • Graydon Market Information

Graydon Market Information is a suite of three different solutions: 
Graydon Market Data allows you to find prospects and to clean up your data. 
Graydon Data Enrichment helps supplement and further enrich your company database. It optimises your database by supplementing it with essential missing data or completely new elements. 
And finally, Graydon List Management is a solution that allows you to manage lists.

  • Graydon Decision Model

The Graydon Decision Model translates your acceptance policy into business rules, via a number of parameters you select. The outcome is a decision proposal immediately actionable that is based on the scores that you have set up. You can make different decision models, based on sector, business type or your risk appetite. This way, you create a tailor-made acceptance process, avoid subjective assessments and save a lot of time.



  • Advanced Analytics

As a business information specialist, Graydon has an enormous database of structured and unstructured data. By unlocking, organising and combining this data, we make predictive analyses, models and scores in Credit Management, Market Information and Risk & Compliance. This provides you with valuable insights so you can make better business decisions and grow your business.


  • Graydon International Business

More and more companies seize opportunities to grow their business by forging new business relationships abroad. To counter the challenges related to international trade, our solution provides you with comprehensive international business information accessible via our online platform. You can also request fresh investigations for more exhaustive service.

Graydon’s enhanced credit management solutions

Will I be trained to use Graydon Insights?

We have built an intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows you to get started and use the products right away.

The first time you log in, you will automatically receive a tour of the platform. In addition, your account manager or our Customer Services Team are there to provide you with additional explanations if necessary.

You can also view our tutorials available here.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions or if you experience issues, please contact your account manager or our Customer Services Team via on +44 (0)20 8515 1400.


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