Portfolio Management

When you’re deciding how much credit to give a client or whether to make adjustments to credit policy, you need instant access to all the latest information and relevant data. This is what ePatrol provides, by automatically combining your ledger data with current, continuously updated credit scores and key financial information. Available 24 hours a day, ePatrol gives you a richly detailed picture of where all relevant risks and opportunities lie, minute by minute. 

Portfolio Management

The latest records, 24/7

ePatrol is designed to keep you informed all day every day. Records are constantly updated and there are over six million UK limited companies and unincorporated businesses in the database. Uniquely, ePatrol is the only online ledger management tool that is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving instant access to a huge pool of data that’s dynamic and evolving.

All changes in scores and events that will affect credit risk are monitored - such as new accounts filed at Companies House and the appointment of a Receiver or County Court Judgements - so you simply have to log in and see the latest information you need on screen.

ePatrol identifies these issues and warns you straight away, so if any client experiences a change in credit score or a significant event that influences credit risk, you can take prompt action and make immediate adjustments.

Press-button capabilities

Accessing the capabilities and advantages is press-button simple and fast. For example, you can:

  • See exactly how much credit to allow every client on your ledger
  • Use clear, easy to interpret pie chart graphics, showing how risk is spread throughout your portfolio
  • Download analysis and reports that clearly show all you need to know, from risk distribution to top risk customers and combined exposure across categories
  • Monitor changes and critical events affecting your clients
  • Benefit from automated, up-to-the-minute credit reports
  • Split and analyse by sub-ledger, drilling down into finer detail
  • Use the unique ePatrol Risk Factor measurement for each sub-ledger and your whole portfolio, ranging from 1 [lowest] to 100 [highest]
  • Spot well in advance when a customer is likely to become a payment problem

Focussing on what matters, ledger by ledger

ePatrol enables you to analyse your whole portfolio with real-time speed and at-a-glance clarity, but it also allows you to focus more closely on what’s relevant and important. By splitting your portfolio into sub-ledgers, you can assess risk, scores, credit limits and more, segmenting by sales territory, product categories, or internal division. Your ability to gauge risk and performance is increased.

Pinpointing opportunities

With instant access to risk factors and extensive data, you can also maximise opportunity. Because you can clearly and swiftly identify customers with strong financial credentials, you can see who to advance more credit. You may be allowing a business up to £10,000 credit for example, yet the ePatrol monthly credit guide suggests that this could safely be extended to £50,000. By capitalising on this opportunity you can strengthen your customer relationship and increase sales. 

Cross-discipline benefits

The flexible, useable nature of ePatrol and the level of real-time data on offer make it a powerful tool for various business disciplines:

  • Credit management can access easy-to-read analysis and reports that reveal all they need to know
  • Your credit control team can better calculate precisely how much credit to allow each client on your ledger whilst monitoring every change in status and circumstances
  • Sales professionals can quickly identify the best prospects for increasing credit and boost sales as a result
  • Your procurement team can track suppliers, analysing risk and scores along the supply chain.
  • Each discipline can easily focus on their priorities and contribute to profitability and risk management. 

Key strengths at a glance

ePatrol is a unique online business to business ledger management service. It dynamically and continuously updates from the Graydon database, highlighting important changes and critical events as they happen

  • The easy to interpret, clear analysis provided saves many hours of work
  • You get a picture of where risk lies and why it’s significant, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The system is endorsed by all major credit insurers
  • Set-up and implementation are swift and simple. Accessed securely online, ePatrol usually takes less than seven working days to set up
  • The real-time information and detailed data supplied by ePatrol supports faster, better informed decision making. It enables your company to decrease bad debt whilst boosting efficiency and sales opportunities.

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