Credit Information

Solutions to estimate risks and detect growth opportunities. On an individual basis or for complete client portfolios.

If you want your company to grow, you’ll need to evaluate risks and opportunities constantly. Is it safe to extend credit to your customers or prospects? And if it is safe today, will that still be the case tomorrow? It is therefore important that you are well informed, so that you can take the best decisions in the interest of your company. Fortunately, there is plenty of data available to assist you.

Credit Information
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Systematic use

The question is not whether you should use company information, but when you will do so systematically. Interested in the possibilities?

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Credit Information

Digitisation gives the world the chance to evolve further at breakneck speed. More data, new sources, technological progress. The combination has provided groundbreaking new applications in our daily lives and in many sectors for years. The world of business information is also not standing still and is evolving with it.

Business information is increasingly becoming a necessity for all entrepreneurs. The statement "knowledge is power" is louder than ever. The question is not whether you should use company information, but when you will do so systematically. After all, business information enables entrepreneurs to make faster and more correct decisions. The insights support them to look ahead, to protect themselves against payment defaults and fraud, to map out a sustainable growth strategy or to comply with legal obligations. And all this is directly related to the health and future prospects of their own company.

Not a black and white story

Business information is often mainly used to correctly estimate the financial situation of a business relationship. Yet it is much broader than the analysis of financial statements and a credit score. It is true that business information helps you manage payment risks. But it is not a black and white story. Company information also gives you insight into the potential growth of an entire portfolio or of a specific prospective partner.

The applications are therefore very diverse. Business information is useful for companies, governments and consumers.

Success Stories
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  • Fleetmaxx Solutions

    “We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and strongly believe we get the same back from Graydon.”
    Steve Kershaw
    Head of Credit, Fleetmaxx Solutions
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    Fleetmaxx Solutions & Graydon, a success story
  • River Mounts

    "The information I get from Graydon is of utmost importance, especially in the present climate.”
    Tracey Cooper
    Credit Manager, River Mounts
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    River Mounts & Graydon success story
  • Germains Seed Technology

    “With Graydon’s services, we now serve our customers with a speed and efficiency that was previously impossible."
    Martijn ten Velde
    Assistent Accountant, Germains Seed Technology
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    Germains Seed Technology & Graydon, a success story
  • Adecco

    “We handle an average of 1,000 customers per person in the credit department. Automating part of it is therefore a must.”
    Jocelyne Vandecauter
    Credit Manager, Adecco
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    Adecco & Graydon, a testimony to a success story
  • NL-Fund

    “The big advantage of Graydon? A fast and user-friendly rating system and an account manager who dares to think along.”
    Frederik Wegener Sleeswijk
    General Manager, NL-Fund
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    NL-Fund & Graydon, a success story
  • Input Adviesgroep

    “To be honest, I don't know if there is a real alternative to Graydon today.”
    Caroline Romijn-Put
    Account Manager, Input Adviesgroep
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    Input Adviesgroep & Graydon, a success story
  • Bietlot Printing House

    "Graydon was the benchmark and we still think it is."
    Eric Guillaume
    Managing Director, Bietlot
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    Bietlot Printing House & Graydon, a success story
  • YesQar

    “Even if Graydon may be more expensive, it’s worth paying for, because I don’t want to miss any negative information.”
    Guido Kersten
    Risk Manager, YesQar
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    YesQar & Graydon, a success story

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