Accepting customers in a smooth and safe manner.

Do you accept new customers without restrictions, under certain conditions or not at all? That's what the acceptance or onboarding of customers is all about. The process your customer follows is of great importance with a view to successful collaboration. Whether it's credit assessments, customer due diligence checks or fraud risk identification, these are all activities that are equally important when it comes to onboarding customers and prospects.

Graydon Ledger
Detect risks and opportunities at a glance

Graydon Ledger Management

The risk matrix contains a number of unique Graydon scores that make it easy for you to set the right priorities. Would you like to know how this solution can help you?

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Graydon Ledger Management

Do you only rely on internal debtor data to collect outstanding invoices? Do you treat every customer with an open invoice with the same priority? Then you rely on a subjective and incomplete image and you are not able to work efficiently. Combining internal debtor data with external financial data always results in added value for your company. Graydon Ledger Management combines the best of both worlds: your aging balance together with our financial knowledge and insights.

What does this mean to you?

  • Graydon Ledger Management is an ideal tool for detecting risks, but also opportunities. Graydon scores such as credit advice, score, multiscore and payment score are included in every overview.

  • Because every company deals with risks and opportunities in its own specific way, you can also organise the risk matrix in Ledger Management entirely according to your own needs. You decide for yourself which situations you consider to be a risk or an opportunity and which - internal and external - data you will or will not include.

  • There is a one-time link between your database and the Graydon Insights platform. All data is then automatically updated at regular intervals. Afterwards, no manual processes are required.    

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